Alzahraa Akademi/Bergholm School is an F-9 elementary school that has been operating since 1997 in Bagarmossen/Stockholm. The school is open for all and teaching follows the Swedish Education Act, the adopted curriculum and the associated course plans.

Here at Alzahraa Academy, we put students at the center and the school makes every effort to ensure that everyone develops on its own merits.

The language is in focus. We all agree in the Swedish language, and we place great emphasis on the children to learn their mother tongue. This promotes language learning and strengthens the children’s identity.

For us; it is also important that all children and adults feel comfortable with us. We have a dedicated staff with a very positive attitude and high expectations for students, which contribute to a good atmosphere and good development.

The school is located in Bagarmossen walking distance to Bagarmossen Tunnelbana(subway) and near the green area adjacent to Skarpnäcks green spaces and Nackareservatet with forests and lakes for outdoor activities. The good school environment is a source of inspiration for the students in order to experience our common world and gives our children and young people the sense of nature that characterizes the Swedish society.


The school is headed by a rector who is also head of preschool who is also responsible for the kindergarten and early childhood education.

The school has a student health team consisting of the rector, rector assistant, school doctors, school psychologist, school nurse, special education teacher and counselor. Student Health team meets regularly and works to provide support to student for reaching their goals.


The school has its own pre-school with two departments and one “fritidshem” for leisure times. The school’s teaching staff is organized into two teams (F – 4 and 5 – 9), and the staff meets two times in a week.

The school also has groups, Security team, comfort group, Parent Group, Leisure Group, Committee for Environmental Protection. Some groups involve also students!

Schools have class councils, kamratstödjare (supporters) and student councils where students have opportunities to make their voices heard. Student Council meets regularly with the rector and assistant rector.

Overall objectives of School

We want every child develops an understanding that all people are of equal value regardless of gender, social or ethnic background. In the democratic spirit of the children should be respected for their own thoughts, opinions and ideas.

We want all children to have the support, encouragement, grow in self-esteem and be safe in school. We believe that, every child should be developed as much  as possible according to the national goals.


Unikum is the name of the school’s teacher platform. It is an important educational and administrative IT system for documentation and monitoring of student progress.Students have their own login where they can see their personal ILP (Individual Educational Plan).

All parents/guardians should be linked to Unikum and awarded credentials to pursue their own child’s knowledge.


We have a large leisure room with its own kitchen and room for prayer. The school also has a large auditorium that can be used as a cinema room and can accommodate about 350 people. Here, the school has also its library.

The school has two gyms and access to a sports ground near the school.

Prayer room and halal food

The school has two prayer rooms for those students who wish to pray during breaks.

The school offers daily breakfast, lunch and snack / dessert. We serve only halal.

School activities

We enjoy Stockholm fantastic cultural offerings each year, for example, by visiting museums, going to the theater, cinema and much more exciting. Furthermore; each year many students are travelling abroad for exploring different cultures and countries.

Of course, all trips and tours free of charge!

School transport

The school has its own buses that gets students to and from school under particular driving schedule from various locations in the greater Stockholm area. School bus services are free for all students and for those who wish to use public transportation can get a short term bus card from the school.

We are extremely proud of our business and we are constantly working to improve and develop ourselves. Everything is for our children and students to be offered a high-quality education and training.

Welcome to Alzahraa Academy School!

Alzahraà Akademi/Bergholmskolan

Bergsrådsvägen 3


Tfn 08-646 39 14

Fax 08-646 39 20

Mobil 070-763 35 04

E-mail: alzahraa@hotmail.com

Hemsida:  www.alzahraa-academy.se

Facebook: Alzahraa Idealiska Akademi