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Preschool Preparation Period in three days

Parent’s Active preparation period means that the parent or other close relatives are with their children in preschool for three consecutive days. During that time, the parents are with their child in any situation that arises. Everyone in the team is involved in the preparation period has a primary responsibility.

This method helps children not to be worry about being left and adapt themselves to preschool routines and environment.

At the first day, there is a sign of welcome to the child and parent which is available also in different languages in case of necessity. Staff have a conversation with the parent where the information is provided about the nursery, how preparation period should be done, how parents should behave, with the aim of parent involvement, etc.. On this occasion, we make ​​a short visit in the school.

The preparation period continues for three days between the hours. 9:00 to 14:00. At the fourth day is the child is left to the staff at the preschool and then takes a clear and brief parting between parent and child.  The parents and children’s photos are taken during this preparation period time. The photo of the child is placed on the child’s shelf, etc. We also place parent’s photo on different points, so that the child can feel safe in the school

Parent’s Active preparation period means that parent and child get a good insight into the entire school and the opportunity to learn about our preschool.  The requirement is the child has to be with his/her parents during these three days. After preparation period, when the child has been a time in preschool, we have a discussion with the parent in order to see their opinions about preparation period, and if there is any issues that we have to pay attention.

Parents Active Preparation period provides the child not to be trained on the alone. We also try to create a good relationship between school and parents and child.

During preparation period;

  • The parent takes care of her children, changes diaper, dresses, feeds and sits with them.
  • The staff is nearby and contacts the child if there is something. The staff never takes the child from the parent.
  • The parent and child are together with other groups as much as possible during the preparation period so that both parent and child feel safe with us.
  • The staff and parents decide together the right time that the parents can leave their child alone in the school.

Preschool curriculum Lpfö98

”Everyone who works in the school shall show respect to parents and feel responsible for the development of a trusting relationship between preschool staff and the child’s family.”